My journey to the principles…

I have a story to tell, I tell my story in the hope that it helps others and I thank those that have encouraged me to write a blog. 

If anything writing here feels more about my unfolding and in time it may only ever be read by a few,  but my Soul wants to speak and the written word wants to be put out there to the Universe; as I begin to write again, it appears to write itself and it flows on to the page. Grammatically probably incorrect, without structure or any planning but it flows. 

It will be interesting to see where this blog takes me. 

When I happened upon Syd Banks and the Three Principles what I heard was that there was something far, far bigger than me that was in control and I was like “of course”, I knew this, “When did I forget this?” 

And my Never Ending Journey of Self Discovery begun and layer by layer I have been Uncovering my True Nature

Coming Home

So this feeling grew in me, 

It began as a dark feeling just beneath my breastbone

And as the months passed by it sank down into me.

My feet felt heavier and I walked with purpose

And as the feeling grew it changed colour

From the deepest grey to the lightest blue.

It made me smile

Then I discovered the colour was made of love too

And I smiled more and I floated from the inside 

My feet still anchored and my head lifted up

And I wanted to sing up to the sky

I am alive and I have rivers and mountains within me

And I see beauty in everything

For the first time I go out into the world and I smile more

And sometimes I lose my smile and the colour and the love

But in a breath

In a moment the feeling returns and I know I will never lose it

It is there, it has always been there 

Let me hold it in the best vessel and continue to listen

For it is HOME

About Me

Hi, I’m Sharon. When I’m not spending time with my family, enjoying my garden, crochet & in the company our little dog Buddy, I love writing about the 3 Principles and connecting with others in the community.

Let’s dare to dream together!
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